Saturday, July 7, 2012

Relief-- and an Overachiever.

Horray! My books came yesterday! I was so excited, I ripped the box open and began reading my past due homework. chapters 1 and 2. Chapter three was to be read by today-- so I started that one also. My daughter was begging to swim, so I just went outside, parked my lounge chair in the shade while she swam in the pool. An hour and a half later I was already into chapter 7. Book read. Check.
Now to start my Wiki. Yep. I want to provide resources for me-- and who ever else wants to use them for FREE -- so that I can implement the Daily Five and Cafe in my classroom-- (Gotta read Cafe, but I wont start that one until Monday or Tuesday.) I have found some other wikkis for the Daily 5 and Cafe--but I want to make sure mine is geared for 4th grade. I would love any suggestions of sites or places to look for free resources for the Daily Five and CAFE. Face it-- we all like free. Visit my wiki-- Just remember: It is a work in progress-- I have included it on the side bar I know that there are some resources out there already--and I will include those free resources as I find them on my wiki, but I am also dissappointed that so many things have to be purchased. TpT is obviously a booming business for many teachers, but I have spent soooo much money on supplies, books and resources-- Well, lets just say my husband is really coming down hard on the ammount of money I have spent. To be honest-- he is right. I don't know of any other job where employees spend their own money to do their job. I just can't afford to spend anymore--and keep my husband happy. I am just tired of fighting that battle. (Can anyone relate?) Okay-- so now my overachieving self has read a month long book study book in a matter of hours-- is starting a blog and a wiki-- and had guests coming tonight for dinner-- of which puts me back in panic mode-- My house looks like a bomb went off. Well-- guess it is time to play the fun game-- "Stuff and Hide" (you know, the one where you stuff everything in closets, boxes bags and hide it in the basement, garage and attic?)

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